London’s Dreamscape Trio IYEARA Launches Haunting Cut From Their Debut EP – Here’s ‘EXHALE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 September 2019


Who: Dramatic and ominous soundscape trio featuring The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, as well as producer Malcolm Carson and vocalist Paul O’Keeffe

Track: EXHALE – a song that’s actually a study of what makes a person – from their debut EP titled ‘CONSEQUENCES‘, out on 27th September via TrES-2b Recordings/Ingrooves

Score: ‘Exhale’ is both a haunting and compelling electronic symphony that triggers
your visual fantasy and your illusory mind. Its relaxing, yet melodramatic sonority sticks immediately and will inspire you to push the repeat button regularly for a while. A ravishing gem this is.

Enjoy the sonic resplendence here…

IYEARA: Facebook

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