Too Good To Forget – Listening Back To Emotive Rockers VYNN And Their Two Heartfelt Singles…

28 May 2020

The surreal times we live in hurt lots of young bands/artists, especially when they
released new work they wanted to promote with gigs, until that awful coronavirus
erased all touring plans. One of those up and coming acts is ardent Belgian indie trio VVYNN (read: win) who made a firm impression with their first two EPs, ‘Crumble’ in
2017 and ‘Lux’ in 2018.

The highly promising three-piece dropped two new pieces last December. Two new glowing singles showing the band’s great leap forward. Sonically they moved towards
PJ Harvey territory. You can feel and hear her electric ardour, her wayward view on pop and rock and her inflammatory voice in Vvynn‘s new work.

Both MOANING and EXHALE are heartfelt, high-powered, and energy-charged strokes with a soul-stirring sonourness and frontwoman Angie‘s vox sending shivers down your spine. Too good to forget amidst this sciene-fiction-like period.



VVYNN: Facebook

Hope to see you soon on a stage again…

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