Wham Bam Bloody Bang – MIESHA & THE SPANKS Hit Hard On New Rip-Roaring Single ‘WANNA FEEL GOOD’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 Oktober 2020

From Calgary, Canada here comes high octane garage-punk-rock duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS. You WANNA FEEL GOOD? Don’t look further. This highly inflammable tandem is what you need to jump out of your bed, do some circus saltos, hit the street like a monkey on coke and feel ecstatic all day long.

I know, I’m totally excited but that’s what happens when Miesha & The Spanks blasts out of your trembling speakers. Miesha Louie roars and rattles non-stop. High-strung and jumping for joy while scorching guitars built a-wall-of-hellish racket and partner in buzz and fuzz crime Sean Hamilton hits his drums like a madman who just escaped from a psychiatric clinic. As I told you before you’ll feel good all day long.


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(photo on top: via PR-agency Auteur Research)

Simply The Best – TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Tracks For JULY 2020…

This past month’s best…

Fifteen Knockout Tracks hitting Turn Up The Volume‘s speakers this past month!
A steamy melting pot of isolation corkers and lockdown cuts. Don’t worry, be happy!

– She Talks To Angels – BLACK NEEDLE NOISE Feat. ANJELA PICCARD (Norway)
A wall-of-industrial-symphony. Big tune, big sound, big vox, big performance. Stunning!
At least as good as the original by Southern Harmony rockers The Black Crowes.

– Incinerate – PHOSPHENE (Portland, Oregon, US)
Twinkling guitars, pulsating drums, radiant melodiousness, and bright vocals bringing Cocteau Twins‘ wonderful singer Elisabeth Fraser. Glimmering shoegaze sparks. From
their excellent longplayer Lotus Eaters.

– Hear Me Now – DJ DOVE and ROWETTA (UK)
#Selfishness is toxic #Change is desperately needed #LetUsDance is the message #DJDove is the techno wizard #Rowetta is the sky-high soul voice #Beach-party-tune #IbizaRules

– Born To Run – by RICH GIRLS (NYC)
For all those tramps who were born in the USA, go and dance in the dark before
you need to run for that sickly narcissistic American idiot. The Boss for president!

– Rainbow Records – OCEANOGRAPHY (Oakland, California)
Glorious guitar pop humdinger getting your aural attention instantly with a repetitive
riff sticking as first-class glue. Inflammable passion, scintillating ardency, and vehement fervor. Affecting voice reminding me of Greg Dulli‘s imposing vocals at times.

– Televised Mind – FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Rollicking Krautrock-like jam with charismatic frontman Grian Chatten‘s parlando
vocals rattling on and on and on. From the brand new top album A Hero’s Death.

– A Boat To Drawn In – METZ (Canada)
Halfway this storming steamroller turns into a trance-like juggernaut driven by
boisterous drum kicks and raucous guitars. Hypnotic and mind-boggling. It’s
Metz’s deafening sound of hope. New album ATLAS VENDING out 9 October.

– Down The Stairs – SHEHEHE (Athens, Georgia, US)
A blistering jackhammer doing your head in from the explosive get-go. A thunder and lighting corker that rages like a Formula One race car at a dangerous speed. Noise-tastic!

– My Faith Is Larger – SAVING JACKIE (San Antonio, Texas, US)
Move over RATM for this shattering, striking slam dunk with the merciless power
of a bone-crushing iron ball. A hot-tempered sucker-punch triggering every single
nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. Hell yeah!

– Unstoppable – MIESHA & THE SPANKS (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
A rumbling crackerjack rolling from the kick-off. A sickly sticky stunner to jump along, scream along and sweat along. Crackling guitars, hammering drum kicks and spicy vocals is what you get, hopping like a kangaroo on drugs is what you should do. Isolation firework to pump up your mood and body temperature. C’mon!

– Hetty O’Hara Confidential – ELVIS COSTELLO (UK)
The great imperishable songsmith still knows how to surprise.
This sonic jim-dandy, a sort of beatbox banger says it all. Boom boom.

– Keep Your Eyes Peeled – by ULTRA SUNN (Brussels, Belgium)
Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibrations, Sisters Of Mercy‘s catchy gloom and doom hallucinations and Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir melodies, and what you get is a trip to
a tenebrous underground basement where Ultra Sunn‘s Sam Huge and Gaelle Souflet
are the DJ’s. Dance like it’s 1999 all over again.

– Jackie – HYPERSPACE (Atlanta, Georgia, US)
Riff extravaganza / Electrical lobotomy / Gabba Gabba Hey /
High-voltage power pop / Alive and ticking / Punktastic!

– A Hymn – IDLES (Bristol, UK)
A slow-moving ominous groove that feels like it will explode any second, but doesn’t. Like a fierce volcano about to spew lava but… doesn’t! The tension is almost unbearable. Another topnotch stroke! Idles keep on delivering soul-stirring thrills.

– You Are Just Not Alone – by BLACK MOON BOOK (Chicago, US)
A tender and romantic ballad with a Nils Lofgren-like, starry-eyed voice as the most important instrument in the middle. You can file this comforting reverie next to
Kurt Vile and The National. Relax, sit down, and enjoy…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Isolation Tumult – MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rumble And Roll On Brand New Sweaty Single ‘UNSTOPPABLE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 July 2020

MIESHA & THE SPANKS is a garage rock turbo from Calgary AB, featuring frontwoman Miesha Louie and her partner in crime, the hardest hitting Sean Hamilton on drums. Together they draw inspiration from classics like The Runaways, L7, and The Buzzcocks to create some modern noise that’s catchy enough to raise a fist and sing along.

The duo were working on their March 2021 Singles EP. But the coronavirus crisis affected the course of production, therefore Miesha and Sean focused on the recording of the EP’s first single UNSTOPPABLE.

A rollicking crackerjack rumbling and rolling from the get-go. A sickly sticky stunner to jump along, scream along and sweat along. Crackling guitars, hammering drum kicks
and spicy vocals is what you get, hopping like a kangaroo on drugs is what you should
do. Isolation firework to pump up your mood and body temperature. C’mon!

Nobody can stop them now…

Also unstoppable
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MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rock Firmly On New Peppery Single ‘THE GIRLS ARE O.K.’

New sonic impulses

4 October 2019

(Photo: Unfolding Creative Photography)

Canadian duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS returns with their first new music since 2018. Miesha wrote new peppery single ‘THE GIRLS ARE O.K.’ while expecting twins, no idea what their gender would be and while working at Girl’s Rock Camp Calgary which was a great inspiration overall. Eventually, the sickly sticky song is about the progress that’s
been made with gender division among younger generations while recognizing there’s
still work to be done.

The Girls Are O.K.‘ rocks and rolls firmly and will make you scream along when the gutsy chorus, with Calgary’s Girls Rock Camp doing some pretty cool and euphoric backing vocals, kicks in. It elevates this punchy tune to a pithy ‘girls want to have fun‘ anthem with the same titanic energy as Joan Jett‘s ‘I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll‘. A top-notch belter! Definitely!

C’mon, all you girls out there, tune in and yell yourself dizzy…


Hot-Blooded Canadian Punk Pair MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rock And Roll Back In Time With ‘MOTORIN’ Clip…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

8 May 2019

If you wanna have an idea of the childhood dreams of Canadian 2-cylinder punk duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS you’ll just have to watch the band’s fresh and most amusing
video clip for MOTORIN’ one of the rowdiest bangers on their latest album GIrls Girls Girls.

I suppose when guitarist/thunderous vox Miesha Louie and drummer Sean Hamilton were teenagers they found out quickly how dull a normal job actually was/is and they decided instead to go out, to discover unknown places, to have hot-dog & French fries fights, to check out new fun games along the way and experiment with fresh milkshake flavors, but most of all they hit the streets to jump on stage at night and set the place
on fire with explosive rock racket in front of an adoring crowd going ballistic. Here’s a universal dream of millions, then, now and tomorrow…

MIESHA & THE SPANKS: Facebook – Website – ‘Girls Girls Girls’ LP

PICK OF THE DAY – Canadian Two-Piece MIESHA & THE SPANKS Shoot Firecracker Into The ‘ATMOSPHERE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 January 2018

Band: MIESHA & THE SPANKS (cool name)
Base: Calgary, AB, Canada
Who: Miesha Louie (vox/guitar) and Sean Hamilton (drums) are “purveyors of the most rough ‘n tumble, energy driven garage-rock possible. Sassy vocals, dirty riffs, pounding drums- this two-piece is overpowering and infectious. Charming hearts and kicking ass four years and counting.”
Score: on the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ this sizzling two-piece bolide sounds like if Courtney Love‘s hot band Hole is back with a glam grunge stomper. A cracking crasher pushed by dynamite drum hits, spiced with sultry vocals and going totally gaga on the scream-along chorus. Catching stuff to energize your adrenalin flow. You already guessed it: the only way to play this powerful hammerhead is LOUD! Here we go, 1-2-3-4…

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