Wham Bam Bloody Bang – MIESHA & THE SPANKS Hit Hard On New Rip-Roaring Single ‘WANNA FEEL GOOD’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 Oktober 2020

From Calgary, Canada here comes high octane garage-punk-rock duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS. You WANNA FEEL GOOD? Don’t look further. This highly inflammable tandem is what you need to jump out of your bed, do some circus saltos, hit the street like a monkey on coke and feel ecstatic all day long.

I know, I’m totally excited but that’s what happens when Miesha & The Spanks blasts out of your trembling speakers. Miesha Louie roars and rattles non-stop. High-strung and jumping for joy while scorching guitars built a-wall-of-hellish racket and partner in buzz and fuzz crime Sean Hamilton hits his drums like a madman who just escaped from a psychiatric clinic. As I told you before you’ll feel good all day long.


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