Adventures in Hi-Fi – Swedish Trio HEY ELBOW Plays Out Of The Box On ‘WE THREE’

1 October 2020

Band: HEY ELBOW (Malmö, Sweden)
Who: With their foundations in jazz and musical education, combined with
an interest in noise, improvisation and freedom, Hey Elbow make oddly
haunting, big sounding pop music with a unique and personal expression.

Album: WE THREE – third LP
Released: 18 September 2020

Info: “‘We Three’ is set to become one of the most captivating and exhilarating releases
in the trio’s catalogue to date. Written as a single piece of work, this new collection focuses
less on the contemporary idea of handing over a bulk of disconnected material to their fans, and instead forces the listener to enjoy it as an unending continuation that moves through a diverse field of states, moods and emotions throughout.'”

The band: “The songs were written during plain solitude in a cabin in the countryside
of southern Sweden, where we spent days just writing songs together and playing. We did everything there together [and] didn’t bring anything in. Every single tone is written in that
house with us three in the same room. It also reflects us as a band where we don¹t have
any front person or band leader. We are We Three.”

Key references: The Knife, Portishead fronted by Kate Bush, CocoRosie, St. Vincent

Keywords: Otherworldly symphonies / Trippy adventures in hi-fi / Jazzy vignettes /
Silver-toned reveries / Dummy echoes / Hounds Of Love / Electronic explorations

Key tracks: Vignette / Fill Holes With Hope / Eternal / Drainit

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