One Of The Sensations Of 2020 – Discover Soul-Stirring And Electrotonic Power Duo BOA VS COBRA

1 October 2020

Who: A new indie Belgo-Canadian electro-pop-soul-rock duo with towering voice
Sandy Fee (vocals-lyrics-composition) and JP King (bass guitar-percussions-lyrics-composition)

This Brussels based duo met each other two years ago, built up a stunning sonic
chemistry, and hit the scene this year with 4 striking singles. All killers, no fillers.
Let’s have a closer look.

NEVER EVER EVER: When ‘Bad bad bad boy‘ bursts out of your speakers you know something really special is about to happen. Expect a fulminating rap eruption, a
smashing chorus, and pounding beats. This cracker will definitely end up in Turn
Up The Volume’
s top ten of 2020.

DEVIATE: A booming disco knockout, a deep pop-house hook, and a striking synth whopper that raises your body temperature on the spot and invites you to do a
seducing cobra dance. Don’t hesitate. Stand up and move!

BLACK SHEEP: A new wave hymn propelled by rhythm and blues verses. A Béyonce like
cry out! Funky, groovy, haunting, and full of angry passion and emotive disappointment. Again Fee‘s voice is the star in the middle. Again the fascinating sound is superb.

BRIGHT DAYS: The soul-stirring debut single showing immediately the high potential
of these two artists. Vocally, musically and lyrically. No songs about the birds and bees. Only songs about deep-rooted emotions, daily experiences, doubts, but still hope for
a better future.

All on Spotify too…

BOA VS COBRA: Facebook

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