Isolation Tumult – MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rumble And Roll On Brand New Sweaty Single ‘UNSTOPPABLE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 July 2020

MIESHA & THE SPANKS is a garage rock turbo from Calgary AB, featuring frontwoman Miesha Louie and her partner in crime, the hardest hitting Sean Hamilton on drums. Together they draw inspiration from classics like The Runaways, L7, and The Buzzcocks to create some modern noise that’s catchy enough to raise a fist and sing along.

The duo were working on their March 2021 Singles EP. But the coronavirus crisis affected the course of production, therefore Miesha and Sean focused on the recording of the EP’s first single UNSTOPPABLE.

A rollicking crackerjack rumbling and rolling from the get-go. A sickly sticky stunner to jump along, scream along and sweat along. Crackling guitars, hammering drum kicks
and spicy vocals is what you get, hopping like a kangaroo on drugs is what you should
do. Isolation firework to pump up your mood and body temperature. C’mon!

Nobody can stop them now…

Also unstoppable
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