MIESHA & THE SPANKS Rock Firmly On New Peppery Single ‘THE GIRLS ARE O.K.’

New sonic impulses

4 October 2019

(Photo: Unfolding Creative Photography)

Canadian duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS returns with their first new music since 2018. Miesha wrote new peppery single ‘THE GIRLS ARE O.K.’ while expecting twins, no idea what their gender would be and while working at Girl’s Rock Camp Calgary which was a great inspiration overall. Eventually, the sickly sticky song is about the progress that’s
been made with gender division among younger generations while recognizing there’s
still work to be done.

The Girls Are O.K.‘ rocks and rolls firmly and will make you scream along when the gutsy chorus, with Calgary’s Girls Rock Camp doing some pretty cool and euphoric backing vocals, kicks in. It elevates this punchy tune to a pithy ‘girls want to have fun‘ anthem with the same titanic energy as Joan Jett‘s ‘I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll‘. A top-notch belter! Definitely!

C’mon, all you girls out there, tune in and yell yourself dizzy…


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