BANDCAMP Supports Indie Artists Today – Here Are 10 Ace Records To Purchase…

20 March 2020

Today Bandcamp supports musicians everywhere by waiving its revenue share and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into the artists’ pockets. Hail hail Bandcamp!

Turn Up The Volume selected 10 standout records you should definitely consider to
buy. Awesome album that will boost your adrenalin in these troubled times.

Here we go…

‘Black City‘ by RICH GIRLS
Music for the midnight hours.
Companion for moony moments.

‘Bejahung’ by ELEFANT
A synthtastic motherrocker. A schizophrenic
adventure. A crazed mindfucker.

‘A Life Extinct’ by CROSS WIRES
Blistering post punk that tackles
the grim times we experience with
a biting potency.

My War Is Your War‘ by DEUX FURIEUSES
A beseeching and vociferous call-up
for solidarity, unity, universal respect.

‘Ghost’ by FALLING MAN
Manic anxiety. Haunting stories.
Red-hot riffs. Top stuff!

‘Experiments In The Dark‘ EP by WHERE WE SLEEP
Mesmerizing electro grooves,
Fascinating and emotive.

‘Run Amok‘ by THE GLÜCKS
Devilish garage havoc.
Smoking hullabaloo.

‘I Like You But Not Like That’ by THE DARTS
Sultry, steamy, snappy, savage,
sensual, sweltering,sizzling.

‘Zum Kotzen‘ by PINK ROOM
Twenty minutes of madness
Clamorous vomit. Punk rage.

Electro ‘drone n roll’and
atmospheric soundscapes.

Bandcamp: Website


Weekly series of five rolling ripsnorters to go completely bananas to this summer

A new week! Let’s fuel it with five psychedelic stunners…

1. ‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ by THE LIMIÑANAS featuring ANTON NEWCOMBE
(Album: Shadow People – 2018)

2. ‘Meat Week’ by BROKEN BABY
(2018 single)

3. ‘CuCuCuCool’ by THE GLÜCKS
(Album: Youth On Stuff – 2016)

4. ‘Cocktail’ by DOUBLE VETERANS
(Album: Space Age Voyeurism – 2016)

5. ‘Black Habit’ by MIEN
(Self-titled album – 2018)

All 45 Summer Bangers so far
collected here on Spotify

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Live Performances Of 2018…

Turn Up The Volume saw about 150 acts playing live this past year. Here are the 15 Knockout Performances that made his body temperature going way up, made his adrenalin stream faster and had a lasting impact on his greedy ears & impressed eyes.

1. THE FLAMING LIPS – Melkweg, Amsterdam – 11 November – Review here

2. SLOWDIVE – Cactus Brugge Festival – 15 July – Review here


3. IDLES – De Zwerver, Leffinge, Belgium – 2 November – Review here

4. JOHNNY MARR – Trix Club, Antwerp – 7 December – Review here

5. FONTAINES D.C. – Botanique, Brussels – 4 May – Review here

6. NOEL GALLAGHER – Vorst National, Brussels – 6 April

7. THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest – 19 July – Review here

8. RUMOURS – Cosa Nostra, Aalst – 21 April – Review here

9. JUJU – Kinky Star, Ghent – 18 February – Review here

10. PEUK – De Kleine Kunst, Ghent – 8 September – Review here

11. AUTOBAHN – Kinky Star, Ghent – 11 February – Review here

12. FALLING MAN – Ghent Fest – 14 July – Interview here

13. PERE UBU – 4 AD, Diksmuide – 1 June – Review here

14. TUBELIGHT – Charlatan, Ghent – 23 March – Review here

15. PINK ROOM – Kinky Star, Ghent – 3 March – Review here

(all pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

Garage Blitzkrieg Rock Misfits THE GLÜCKS Ran Steamy Amok At Ghent Fest

THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest, Belgium – 19 July 2018

What the fuck! Belgium‘s sweatiest, thrashiest and steamiest 2-motor garage rock engine nailed it again. Yes, folks, furious amok runners THE GLÜCKS played a smashing set yesterday at Ghent Fest. These two mind-twisting drums/guitar misfits turn into an unstoppable volcanic eruption the second they hit the stage. They scorch, whizz, roar, scream, rumble, twist, shout, yell, rebel, steam, blaze, boil, burn, electrify, steam, whirl, discharge, thunder, smash, rock, drumfire, trigger, resonate, blister, inflame and turn
a hungry crowd into a state of trippy ecstasy. They all did this and more once again, last night in my hometown. Heavy shit! Smoking stuff! Fierce noise! Red-hot blitzkrieg! Hot-blooded performance! Hail hail The Glücks! New video ‘Why Do I Love You?’ will give you
a cracking idea of their psychobilly power…

And here are some yesterday’s visuals

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Spitting fire

“My name is Tina too!… Tina Turner”

The one and only real Tina…

Mean machine

Go totally nuts on new
album RUN AMOK

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook –Twitter

(concert pics JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

THE GLÜCKS – Supersonic Starfighters Cause Earthquake On Album Release Night…

THE GLÜCKS – Charlatan Club, Ghent (Belgium) – 23 March 2018

What the hell happened last night in my hometown Ghent?
Was it a sonic tsunami? An ear-deafening tornado? A kick-ass rollercoaster? A smacking whirlwind? A terrific thunderstorm? A hellish hallucination? An electric chair experience?
A fucking Nightmare on Elm Street? The Ostend Chain Saw Massacre? Or the Tina Witch Project featuring Alex Kreuger? It was all this and much more. It was that two-headed machine-gun beast called… THE GLÜCKS

What were these misfits actually doing?
It was the release night of their second longplayer titled RUN AMOK. A filthy animal
of a record resonating at times as if it was recorded by a schizophrenic Manga army with paranoid problems. Yet, on first hearing, this new baby sounds more versatile and more melodic than their full-length debut detonation. But I need a couple of more spins to fully absorb all the new firecrackers, brick by brick. And so should you. It’s a lot cheaper than therapy…

Hammering Tina...

Riff Junk Alex

What about the audience?
Totally committed to the new shit from the turbulent start to the explosive finish! Bodies flew around as if it was a human air show for wackos. Heads pirouetted uncontrollably while a wall of decibels crashed the sound system without mercy and on repeat. Crack! Boom! Wham! Damn! Bam! Walls got wet because of the tropic heat. Sweat streamed
non-stop, adrenalin streamed non-stop and beer streamed non-stop while psychedelic images on a screen behind the band caused rapid-eye-movement in the crowd. You get the picture, ladies and gents? The Cramps are the Devilish-Psycho-Masters Of Slam-Garage-Billy and these two rambunctious misfits, Hammering Tina & Riff Junk Alex, are without a shadow of a doubt their coolest apostles. HAIL HAIL… THE GLÜCKS

Fly me to the… disco ball

About time to RUN AMOK!
Here’s the smashing front cover…

Here are the smashing uppercuts…

Album available right here, right now

Holy cow!

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook –Twitter

(concert pics JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

MY 2016 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Captivating Crackers…


21 Outstanding Killer Tracks
Dancing Inside My Head
This Past Scary Year…

The Best of All in 2016
21 Knockout Number Ones
Sonic Food for Body & Soul

Start the party! HELL YEAH!
1/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (Sheffield, England)
Smacked out Götterdämmerung disco drive. Irresistible groove to keep Satan happy…
Album:  Songs For Our Mothers fwf7

2/ ‘Trippin’ On Your Love’ by PRIMAL SCREAM  (Scotland/UK)
Saturday Night Fever rapture with an elevating gospel feel. Magical pop spirituality…
Album: Chaosmosis primalscremblog

3/ ‘Black Hanz’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (London/Leeds, UK)
“You can hit the outsiders, but you can not beat them!” Let’s dance before we’re all doomed…
EP: 4-track here on iTunes

4/ ‘Zipperface’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol, UK)
Imperishable post-punk legends with an adrenaline injection to activate your lazy limbs…
New album: Honeymoon On Mars

5/ ‘Disco Glove’ by EXPLODED VIEW (Berlin/Mexico City/UK)
Twisted rhythmic machinery & singer Anika ranting about Robert De Niro. Screwdriver!…
Album: self-titled debut ‘Exploded View’ – here on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Step Up’ by White (Glasgow, Scotland)
Deranged funk madness pushed by an incendiary engine. Mind-boggling score!…
EP: Cuts That Don’t Bleed

7/ ‘One’ by  PSYCHO COMEDY (Liverpool, England)
Unstoppable psych steamroller getting more stormy with every second. Glorious debut…

8/ ‘Gonnawanna’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Hammering Californian duo returned this year with tons of red-hot blues rock dynamite…
New album: Femejism

9/ ‘Disco’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Doom punk boogie to set fire to underground discotheques around the globe. Killer cut!…
Album: Glow In The Dark

10/ ‘The Itch’ by CROWS (London, UK)
These sinewy blusterers turn grimness into forceful energy. Apocalyptic thunder!…
EP: brand new 4-track titled ‘Cold Comfort’ – here on iTunes

11/ ‘If AT&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do’ by FUTURE OF THE LEFT (Wales/UK)
Andrew Falkous’ biting, verbal virtuosity and smashing hacksaw drones! Kick ass havoc…
Album: ‘The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left’ – here on Bandcamp

12/ ‘Hypnotised’ by SLAVES (London, UK)
The 2-piece punk army will thrill all your senses while messing up your unaware brain…
New album: Take Control

13/ ‘Now You’re Gonna Listen’ by DEUX FURIEUSES (London/Glasgow)
This outspoken powerhouse duo demands your attention with razor-sharp panache…
Debut album: Tracks Of Wire

14/ ‘Whirling Eye’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
Jamie & Alisson alive and kicking again in 2016. Magnetic, swirling and catchy…
New album: Ash & Ice

15/ ‘Cu Cu Cu Cool’ by THE GLÜCKS (Ostend, Belgium)
The mental Bonnie & Clyde of garage trash produce slashing tumult for psychobillies…
Debut album: Youth On Stuff

16/ A-OK by COSMONAUTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Dazzling firework rock fueled with flashing guitars and vivacious vocals. Smoking punch!
New album: A-OK

17/ ‘Blink Your Eyes’ by BIG BAD ECHO (Brisbane, Australia)
Hypnotizing serpent turning scary and frenzy, slowly but surely. Superb mind fucker!…
Mini-album: It Takes a Big Dog To Weigh a Tonne

18/ ‘Garden Of Love’ by THE LIMINANAS feat. Peter Hook (Perpignan, France)
Garage pop splendor with a sexy French touch & sensual bass lines by a famous friend…
Album: Malamore

19/ ‘Loaded’ by Rich Girls (New York, NY, US)
Gripping sadness to accompany your tears. Gloomy gem Karen O would sell her soul for…
EP: Love Is The Dealer

20/ ‘Intern’ by ANGEL OLSEN (St. Louis, MO, US)
Soul touching electro ballad and one of the most compelling voices in years. Breathtaking!

21/ ‘Flags From The Old Regime’ by PETER DOHERTY (London, UK)
“But I don’t want to die anymore / Any more than I did want to die before” Magnificent!….
Album:  Hamburg Demonstrations

(all concert pics by TUTV!)