Irish Garage Guerrillas ‘FONTAINES D.C.’ Strike With Sneering Steamroller Single ‘CHEQUELESS RECKLESS’…

2 March 2018

Home: Dublin, Ireland
Who: “Post-punk band out of Dublin, Ireland combining sharp songwriting and catchy retro vibes. They were compared to The Fall and Idles, and shared bills with Girl Band and Yak.”
Pick: CHEQUELESS RECKLESS – Their record label Rough Trade says: “Chequeless Reckless
is one half of a double A-Side single and is a mesmerizing cut that’s built on a krautrock rock-esque groove but played by punks.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Wham Bloody Bam! Here’s something really special. ‘Chequeless Reckless‘ is a rattling whirlwind drone doing your head in from the very start to the sudden finish. Post krautpunk paranoia at its thundery best, activated by manic drums and resounding guitars while singer Grian Chatten spits and sneers all the way, word by word. This dazzling firecracker roars like a runaway train at a threatening speed. A red-hot bolide that crashes just after the two-minute mark. Intoxicating score! Can’t wait to see these guys next May in Brussels with noisemakers Idles and Canadian powerhouse Metz.
Check your speakers’ volume limit and get your ears and mind ready, ’cause here’s the vicious blare…

7″ Single ‘Chequeless Reckless / Boys In The Better Land‘ available via Rough Trade here.

YO LA TENGO Share New Moony And Romantic Track ‘FOR YOU TOO’ From Upcoming 15th Album…

Longtime alternative rockers YO LA TENGO (they formed in 1984 in Hoboken, New Jersey) will release their 15th album ‘There’s A Riot Going On‘ on 16th March. A record dealing with the chaos and the confusion of our troubled era. I guess you could actually make double and triple albums about the turbulent times we live in these days. Today the band shared the fifth track from the upcoming longlayer. FOR YOU TOO is an ongoing trance like trip droning gently forward while singer Ira Kaplan‘s vox floats all over it. Self-reflective, moony and romantic. We know by now that, underneath, these experienced daydreamers always spread a wave of hope and never give up vibe, even in their darkest moments. Probably the reason why they keep surviving, in style and with significant high-quality-songwriting…

Here’s the audio clip…

YO LA TENGO: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album THERE’S A RIOT GOING ON – out 16 March via Matatdor Records

CHRIS CORNELL Turned A Poem By JOHNNY CASH Into A Gripping Beauty…

You Never Knew My Mind by JOHNNY CASH
Put to music by CHRIS CORNELL

In 1996 the late great JOHNNY CASH (happy birthday wherever you are, legend – Cash was born 26 Feb 1932, 86 years ago today) recorded a cover of Soundgarden’s track ‘Rusty Cage’ written by the late great CHRIS CORNELL. Almost 20 years later, Cornell put a discovered Cash poem to music, creating a spine-chilling new song ‘YOU NEVER KNEW MY MIND‘. Unfortunately, one of Cornell’s final recordings.

The song is featured on ‘JOHNNY CASH: FOREVER WORDS’ out April 6 on Legacy Recordings . The album contains Cash’s unknown poetry, lyrics, and letters, now set to music by impressive, contemporary artists. Along with Cornell, the record features new songs by Ruston Kelly & Kacey Musgraves, Rosanne Cash, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Kris Kristofferson & Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, John Mellencamp, Carlene Carter, Elvis Costello,
The Jayhawks
and more.

Here’s the gripping interpretation of captivating Johnny Cash poem
‘YOU NEVER KNEW MY MIND’ by Chris Cornell

20 July 1964 – 18 May 2017


BELLY – Finally Back With New Groovy And Electrifying Stroke ‘SHINY ONE’…

23 February 2018

Finally BELLY is back with new music. Led by the wonderful Tanya Donnelly this is
a long-awaited return of one of the most mesmeric popsmiths of the 90s. Brand new single SHINY ONE is a mid-tempo groove pearl that gets bigger and vivider along its electrifying way. Donelly‘s delightful vox is at the heart of this sparkling rainbow while glimmering guitars and an overall sticky swagger amplify the song tremendously.

An addictive grower you’ll have on repeat for a while to discover all layers of the splendiferous orchestrations, sunlit harmonies and rich arrangements. Welcome
back, Belly. Capture the beauty, here’s the audio clip…

BELLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album DOVE out 4 May 2018 – all info right here

TOWANDA – This Fuzzy Metallic Artillery From Canada Will Pulverize Your Head With New Detonation ‘ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED’…

19 February 2018

“Eating people for breakfast, burning love to the ground since 2013…”

Metallic fuzz buzz trio TOWANDA (Montreal/Rhode Island) released their impressive
debut longplayer Plaything in 2016. A thunderous record filled with head-smacking
blows and lots of “avant-gruel-metallic-rock-noir” & “a steaming pile of raging estrogen.”

The rabid 3-piece return now with scorching lead-track ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED
from upcoming 4-track EP titled ‘Freak Of Nurture‘. This new knockout slam is a slow-moving serpent getting nastier and rowdier with every wall-of-ominous-noise-second
until the apocalypse finally roars its ugly head. This bad-ass sockdolager will sneak into your unsuspected brain before you can say ‘Trump is a hopeless moron’ and mess up all dark corners of your poor head, and, trust me you’ll bloody love it. Here’s the glowing inferno, burn it now…

The EP will be out on 6 April via GIRLSVILLE, a pretty cool independent
label from Chicago. All info/pre-order facilities here on Bandcamp

TOWANDA: Facebook

Artwork ‘Freak Of Nurture EP

Go Completely Gaga To QUEEN ZEE’s Blistering ‘VICTIM AGE’ Slam…

14 February 2018

Turn Up The Volume already fell in love with this eccentric outlaw gang from Liverpool
when their scorching debut EP Sass Or Die hit our stereo. Led by the eccentric, the freakish and the utterly charismatic QUEEN ZEE this gang built itself a thunderous reputation on the busy live circuit in the UK. I think their latest grenade VICTIM AGE
is another, more mind-expanding way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Surprise your ignorant lover with a BIG BOOMING BANG! Why? Because this vicious sledgehammer is LOUD! SEXY! NASTY! DIRTY! HORNY! PUNKY! WILD! SHOCKING! TERRIFIC! RIOTOUS! SMASHING! RED-HOT! and also MASSIVE! AWESOME! BADASS! CUCKOO! MENTAL! & TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS! See, exactly the insane mood you
always wanted for a day like this instead of another lousy present! GO FOR IT! 1-2-3-4

QUEEN ZEE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Your new fav Queen

ELEFANT Wackos Launch New Wacko Clip For Wacko Track Of Upcoming Wacko Album – Here’s… WIE SCHARF IST DEIN MESSER?

13 February 2018

ElEfAnT jUsT lAUnCHed A neW TrAcK fRom tHeir UpCOmiNG And lONg-aWaiTeD dEBut alBUm. WiE SchARf IsT dEN MeSSer? iS aNOthEr WaCKo NiGHtmARe oN elM stREEt. A mENtal rOLlercOAstEr. SloW, fASt, slOW, fASt. a MelODiC mETAl blOW. An EarSPliTTiNg HaMMer. I jUst CAn’t bEhAVe noRMal, moVe nORmAl, BrEAthE nORmaL, PISs NorMAl oR wrITe nORmaL wHEn tHEse CuckOOs shaTTer mY PoOr BrAIn WiTh RiP-rOAriNG SHIt LiKe ThIs. DAmn YOu, MoTHerFUckERs…

EleFAnT: FaCEbOOk – YoU tUBe – BaNDcaMp


L7 – L.A.’s Kick-Ass Motherrockers Are Back And On A Mission To Bitch…

9 February

L7, the all-female kick-ass turbine from sunny Los Angeles split at the end of the ’90s,
but returned in 2015 to work on the 2016 Trump-baiting hammer ‘Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago’. Now, after the recent released band’s documentary, the outspoken loudmouths
are back again and obviously on a loud and clear mission. I CAME BACK TO BITCH is a red-hot sledgehammer with massive guitars, bloody loud drums, lots of sneering and
raging, and a matching ‘fuck you’ clip…

L7: Website – Facebook – Twitter

ALBERT HAMMOND JR Returns Solo With Highly Catchy ‘MUTED BEATINGS’ Heartbeat…

2 February 2018

The Strokes‘ guitarist ALBERT HAMMOND JR returns solo with brand new stand out single MUTED BEATINGS. His previous 2015 longplayer Momentary Moments and his live show in Brussels the same year turned me in a huge fan. Hammond is an amplified pop wizard who produces tremendously catchy crackers that ignite your adrenalin’s stream. Contagious beats that stimulate all of your limbs like this new one. An enticing punch from start to finish. Repetitive licks, crazy hooks, and bracing vocals. Now let’s move our lazy asses…

ALBERT HAMMOND JR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New LP FRANCIS TROUBLE explores a deeply personal topic inspired by the stillborn death of Albert Hammond JR‘s twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event
has had on the artist’s life and music. Out 9 March via Red Bull Records.

Turning up the heat in Brussels in 2015… (pic Turn Up The Volume!)

TRACK OF THE DAY – Sonic Legend THURSTON MOORE Launches New Rip-Roaring Single ‘MX LIBERTY’…

1 February 2018

‘Vote for peace, earth awareness & humanitarianism. Punk rock still rules.’ These words introduce THURSTON MOORE‘s new powerhouse single‘MX LIBERTY’ on his Facebook page. Damn right. Fuck Donald Trump and all fascists leaders on this messed up planet.
It’s about time to realize that humankind is in big trouble. It’s about time music scares narcissistic politicians again. Let’s start a revolution with this awesome ripper…

THURSTON MOORE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(photo on top: LP Thurston Moore)