10 Historic Knockout Singles Turning 40 in… 2017

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


1977! Phenomenal year for knockout punk drones, innovative new generation noise and
David Bowie shining heroically amidst the juvenile havoc. Smell the 7″. Watch the cool artwork. It was hard to make a selection as there were far more than these ten big ones. But the fabulous crackers I chose are, unquestionably, timeless monuments. 24 Karat
Gold and still sounding bloody awesome right now, right here! PLAY VERY LOUD!…

1/ ‘God Save The Queen’ by SEX PISTOLS
“God save the queen / The fascist regime”
Can you believe it, she’s still in charge…

2/ ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ by RAMONES

Unbeatable bubblegum pop punk. 1-2-3-4

3/ ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll’ by IAN DURY
Imperishable cockney anthem…

4/ ‘Heroes’ by DAVID BOWIE
The late legend’s pure, Berlin inspired, diamond…

5/ ‘Complete Control’ by THE CLASH
Adrenalin fueled chainsaw dealing with Big Brother…

6/ ‘Watching The Detectives’ by ELVIS COSTELLO
Word wizard and songsmith – the alternative king…

7/ ‘In The City’ by THE JAM
Angry young man Weller full steam…

8/ ‘Orgasm Addict’ by BUZZCOCKS
Catchy teenage punk on crushing pop speed…

9/ ‘Peaches’ by THE STRANGLERS
Sexual controversy with a smoking groove…

10/ ‘Oh Bondage! Up Yours!’ by X-RAY SPEX
The wonderful, clamorously outspoken, late Poly Styrene

One comment

  1. Opher · January 13, 2017

    What a set of great singles!! They don’t often come as good as that!!


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