VIVE LA FÊTE – Belgian’s Coolest Dance Act Ever Back With Irresistibly Funky Disco Gem… ‘YOU CAN SLEEP IN MY BED’

‘You Can Sleep In My Bed’ by VIVE LA FÊTE


The Belgian Bonnie & Clyde of the international dance scene – Danny Mommens and
Els Pynoo – alias VIVE LA FÊTE entertain us and the greatest part of this planet now
for nearly twenty years. Their own designed Saturday Night Fever electricity was/is unique as they never cared about trends, etiquette, ‘good taste’ or flawless French grammar (their choice of language to sing) and yet, despite or just because of their weirdly cool ‘je m’en fous’ attitude, combined of course with a series of albums filled with punchy, inflammable and sexy dance crackers they pushed thousands and thousands of electro pop addicts to ecstatic rapture over the years, on record and on stage.

After their 2013 album the pair is now back with a quite surprising new English sung single YOU CAN SLEEP IN MY BED. After a bouncy piano intro you’re limbs get vitalized instantly with a catchy disco drive spiced with an irresistible funky touch, Els Pynoo’s unavoidable, sensual voice and some orchestra-ted arrangements in the back. New single, new style, new kitsch, new thrill, new vibe! Press the button and start la fête

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(pic on top by TUTV!)

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