MOON DUO – Another Mind-Boggling Animation Video For New Track… ‘LOST IN LIGHT’

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


‘Lost in Light’ by MOON DUO


Portland’s psychedelic explorers MOON DUO released the first of their two concept albums, titled OCCULT ARCHITECTURE VOL. 1 early last month. You can stream the fascinating journey here on Spotify. The second volume, the yin to the first LP’s yang,
will be launched on 5 May via Sacred Bones Records. All details here on Bandcamp.
The band just shared the first track LOST IN LIGHT. An atmospheric & hazy trip, again tremendously visualized by the highly talented animator (also musician) Micah Buzan.
The adventurous duo already worked with Buzan for the creepy and haunting video of COLD FEAR, the single of the first volume. This is, according to the band, actually the follow-up to that clip. Take a seat for this dazzling animated avalanche of psychedelic
fantasies and weirdness from an unknown universe. A truly eye-catching experience…

MOON DUO: Tour – Facebook – Twitter

Occult Architecture Vol. 2 – out 5 May

(photo on top by TUTV!)

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