THE JAM – Legendary British Mods Released Their Raging Debut Single ‘IN THE CITY’ 40 Years Ago…


Forty years ago – on 22 April 1977 – boiling three-piece THE JAM released their smashing debut single IN THE CITY. It was the British mods’ fiercest punk moment and the start of
a brilliant journey which saw the band evolving spectacularly, resulting in several top LP’s. The successful UK trio broke up in 1982 when angry young man, frontman and fabulous singer/songwriter Paul Weller, looking for other challenges, called it a day and started, after his The Style Council project, a tremendous solo career. And the iconic Modfather
still makes amazing records today (his last three albums are top!). The Jam were and still are one of my favorite bands from that glorious era of inventive teenage musicians using classic rock and roll, soul and blues to create something fresh, brisk and exciting out of it for their generation. Here’s that first cracker, still sounding razor-sharp and furious…

THE JAM: Biography – Discography

This is how NME introduced the band back then…

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