UNIFORM With Crushing Soundtrack For ‘THE KILLING OF AMERICA’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


I’m sure UNIFORM – the Apocalypse Now duo out of New York City, consisting of vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist/programmer Ben Greenberg – produce the loudest, the most crushing and most critical anti-establishment industrial punk noise on the planet right now. This time ‘louder than war‘ is the one and only appropriate description. How do you know, I hear you ask? I saw and, most of all, I heard these two furious misfits last week
in my hometown Ghent (Belgium). An extraordinary, deafening experience it was. I saw several members in the audience looking for earbuds in their pockets. Not for me, I just
let the knockout tornado pierce my body and mind. I got into a kind of surreal trance.
Hell yeah! Curious? Here’s my favorite track of new album WAKE IN FRIGHT. Smashing headbutt THE KILLING OF AMERICA is about the many mass shootings in America in 2016. The supersonic rage will hit you in the face as a tsunami…

“The Gun Violence Archive defines a Mass Shooting as an incident where 4 or more people are injured or killed with a firearm. There were 385 Mass Shootings in America in 2016 resulting in 450 deaths.”


UNIFORM: Website – Facebook

(photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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