Amazing Soul Voice KYMBERLEY KENNEDY Covers CHRIS ISAAK’S Massive Heartbreaker ‘WICKED GAME’…

‘Wicked Game’ covered by Kymberley Kennedy
Original by Chris Isaak (1989)

I’m pretty sure that at least half of our planet know CHRIS ISAAK‘s most famous and best-known hit as ‘WICKED GAME‘ is a pearl that appeals to millions. Touching melancholy at
its very best. A recognizable heartbreaker to many. Over the years I heard several covers from different artists, but nobody even came close to the original, until right now. Indeed, Leeds born singer KYMBERLEY KENNEDY‘s version is something special. With her towering voice she pushes the track to another, amazing level. Perfectly assisted by a splendiferous band Kennedy‘s vox turns the ballad into a soul song, rather than a song for the heart. A magnificent goosebumps rendition with a spiritual touch. Experience the splendor here…

KYMBERLEY KENNEDY: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

The original heartbreaker…


  2. ailish1 · November 14, 2017

    Agree entirely, Kymberley makes this her own. Spine-tingling!

    Liked by 1 person

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