DUDS – Spectacular Manchester Revelation Blows Big Time In Belgium…

DUDS – Kinky Star, Ghent (Belgium) – 13 November 2017

Yesterday turned out to be another blue Monday as usual until I finally decided to go out, have a drink and enjoy some live music in one my favorite hometown clubs, the Kinky Star. My oh, my! Hallelujah! What a revelation. The, for me earlier unknown, programmed band DUDS, was nothing less than a sonic sensation. A six-piece collective out of Manchester, blew me and actually all present off our socks with a stupendous post-punk/new wave turbulence related to the 70s/80s, but translated triumphantly in a 21st century’s caustic turmoil that really pumps your adrenalin’s stream up towards an ecstatic level. It seemed like so many bands from the great British alternative past were just there on that small stage having a steamy jam. Here are a few names to get the picture: A Certain Ratio, Pigbag, The Pop Group, The Mekons, The Fall and Delta 5. Yes, I know, that bloody stellar. Their knife-edged, explosive and cutting eruptions fueled by a striking trumpet duo vitalized all of our senses. This sextet’s non-stop crazed funk punk flurries made heads spin in all directions. Gloriously deranged havoc that kicked Monday right in its boring face. Here’s a taster to give you an idea why the temperature rose to sweaty degrees yesterday night…

I guess your really hungry now to hear their newest,
excellent album OF A NATURE OR DEGREE

DUDS: Facebook – Label: Castle Face Records

One team, same shirts…

Blow that horn, duds…

Funky tumult from start to finish

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