SEXTILE – Celestial Bodies From Los Angeles Hit Belgium With A Non-Stop Electro Trash Punk Smack…

SEXTILE – Wilde Westen, Kortrijk (Belgium) – 2 February 2018

Wow! Wow! Wow! All the way from sunlit Los Angeles electro trash dance punks SEXTILE invaded Belgium, as part of their very first European tour, yesterday and gave us a steamy sauna experience that made us all forget the freezing cold outside, instantly. I discovered this ace squad (= meaning: aspect or position of 60° between two planets or other celestial bodies) only a few weeks ago and what a spectacular find it is. They sound like 80s electro punks D.A.F. (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) having the time of their life jamming with legends Suicide while aiming at breaking the decibels rules. Something like this blistering bolide…

Also this 4-headed whirlwind looks utterly cool with frontman Brady Keehn as a mixed reincarnation of James Dean and Richard Hell, with the tremendously hammering drummer Melissa Scaduto reminding me instantly of the fabulous Mo Tucker (the hitting heartbeat of the timeless 70s icons Velvet Undeground) and synths/guitars tandem Eddie Wuebben and Cameron Michel going for the British Romantics look. As well on record as on stage they create a rip-roaring pandemonium and develop an intoxicating potency you simply can’t resist. This is, without a shout of a doubt a must watch/hear/follow gang. They’ll be your new favorite band the very minute you’ll experience their mammoth stroke potential. No time to waste, fellow music junkies, here’s their newest, supersonic jumbo jet LP ALBEIT LIVING

ALBEIT LIVING available on Bandcamp and iTunes

Rebel with a cause

Non-stop big bangs

Punk synths

The steamy setlist…

SEXTILE: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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