SPEEDY ORTIZ Launch New Therapeutic Track/Clip ‘LEAN IN WHEN I SUFFER’ From Upcoming Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

21 March 2018

Indie pop rockers SPEEDY ORTIZ out of Northampton, Massachusetts will release their
third album ‘Twerp Verse‘ next month and today they launched a healing clip for new
track LEAN IN WHEN I SUFFER from that upcoming LP.

In a press statement singer Sadie Dupuis revealed that the song: “is about that fun breed
of ‘ally’ who wears out their already exhausted friends by relying on us for excessive emotional labor. They want props for their wokeness, but don’t want to put in any actual work or divest themselves of power. They just taaaake uuuup spaaaace, and shut down when you try to talk them through their problematic tendencies. Because #selfcare? So you’re stuck in a toxic vampiric loop trying to maintain a relationship–Lean In AND Suffer, why don’t you!”
adding that “ultimately, playing angry rock songs is our favorite form of therapy.”

Here’s the weirdly catchy new track and its
accompanying video directed by Ari Ratner
Send in the clowns…

SPEEDY ORTIZ: Website – Facebook – Instagram

New album TWERP VERSE out 27 April – all info / pre-order facilities right here.

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