WAR ON WOMEN Spit and Sneer About America’s Gun Culture On New Single ‘LONE WOLVES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 March 2018

Hardcore powerhouse WAR ON WOMEN will launch their new, 2nd album ‘Capture The Flag’ next month and just shared another hammering killer track. LONE WOLVES, the opener on the upcoming LP is a trashy steamroller about America’s gun culture and its disastrous consequences. Here in Europe, we cannot understand at all why the greedy money sharks of the NRA, backed by a corrupted government, can act freely without ANY obstruction. These criminals in suits don’t care one moment that civilians shoot each other on a daily basis. On the contrary, the more mass shootings the more weapons are sold in the United States Of Ammunition while the guilty politicians look the other way. These steamy-hot noiseniks out of Baltimore also dislike rightly & fiercely what happens in their land of opportunities. They spit and sneer about it with VICIOUS VIGOUR and SMASHING SHOUTS! Open windows and doors, turn up the decibels and give your neighbours a nasty injection of this machine-gun knockout before a lone wolf shoots them…

WAR ON WOMEN: Facebook –  Twitter – Bandcamp

CAPTURE THE FLAG – New album out 13 April – all info right here.

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