Darkwave Turbine ‘KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND’ Inflamed The City Of Ghent With Gothic Punk Smacks…

KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND – Kinky Star – 5 April 2018

KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND is the title of a macabre comic book with the story written by Grant Morrison. It’s also an Italian trio of shattering Goth punks sounding like Sisters
Of Mercy
on speed instead of Valium, like The Jesus And mary Chain with crashing slams instead of pop tunes, like Joy Division losing control completely. The band was formed
back in 2011 by Matteo Scarpa on (guitar, vocals) and spectacular drummer Antonio Angeli Yesterday this two-headed turbine, assisted by a thumping bassist, produced a non-stop eruption of mind-boggling darkwave hullabaloo. Hair-raising, deafening, tons of piercing feedback and bloody entertaining overall. Their sonic shit navigates perfectly between all post-punk clich├ęs. Their razor blade havoc covers several decades, but you can’t really label them, which proves that this squad moves in a dark zone of their own. Hallelujah! Here’s an idea of their inflammable act…

Stream newest, staggering stomper
single ULRICH right here…

Picture this

Black is black

Big bangs…

Let’s make some noooiiissseee

Goth punk tornado

KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND: More KYB noise on Bandcamp – Website – Facebook – Twitter

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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