Roaring Female Blues Punk Tsunami BOYTOY Turned Up The Decibels In Belgium….

12 May 2018

Wham bloody bam! Holy cow! Hell bloody yeah! Out of Brooklyn, NY came three-headed punk rock turbine, called BOYTOY to play and impress Belgium as part of PSYCH OVER 9000 FESTIVAL . in my hometown Ghent, last Thursday. To be honest, I never heard of
this red-hot trio before, but now, after their smashing show I will never forget them. So who are these badass ladies? Their record label says: “Boytoy a summer-time strut down
a New York City sidewalk as the sun slips behind the horizon where cement meets the shore
and waves crash on the pavement. Their sound ebbs and flows between natural harmony
and destruction—embodying the bright grooves of the 1960’s with heavy guitar riffs
snatched from the Lower East Side of the 1970’s.”

Loud! Filthy! Hungry! Thunderous! Plain-spoken! Sexy! Sensual! Rowdy! Thrashy! Bluesy! Heated! Exciting! Hefty! Sweaty! Scorching! Hammering! Cracking! Pounding! Clamorous! This is how this mean badass punk rock machine sounded and looked like and made them the absolute highlight of this splendid town festival. This 2017 live footage will give you an idea of the band’s dynamic impact, burning live energy and hot-blooded presence…

And here’s the trio’s brand new, pretty poppy
and relaxing, 2nd album NIGHT LEAF

Picture this.
Gig photos by Turn Up The Volume!

Trash trance

Wham bloody bam!

Play that funky music, wild girl

Sexy, swirling and steamy

Hottest band of the night

BOYTOY: Facebook – Website

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