Metallic Sludge Buffoons ELEFANT Launched Erste Langspielplatte – Here’s The Release Party Picture Show…

13 May 2018

The long-awaited debut Langspielplatte by the totally deranged Belgian combo ELEFANT finally hit this tormented planet! ‘KONARK UND BONARK’ ist eine geistig gestörte Aha-Erlebnis, meine Damen und Herren! An enigmatic nightmare experience. A pitch-dark trip to the secret sides of humankind’s mind. A soundtrack best consumed at midnight, in your beloved straitjacket, while viewing comedy movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Watch this space for more detailed info on the band’s fresh demented LP, coming up soon. Let’s have first a visual reflection of the eccentrics’ album release show last Friday starting with latest single Lord Sleep

Here’s the rocky horror picture show

Support act ‘Die Kraftwerk Fanfare’ doing a sound check…

Welcome to the Terrordome, earthlings

Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein

E.T. wants to go home

Proud to be a freak

One Elefant down

Should I stay or should I go

Keine Scheißmusik

Konarks und Bonarks

The Elefant truth is somewhere in there

Stream/buy KONARK UND BONARK here…

ELEFANT Facebook – Bandcamp

(Pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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