PINK ROOM Hits You In The Teeth Twice With Two Brand New Knockouts – ‘LOVE’ And ‘FITNESS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 May 2018

Legendary Seattle label Sub Pop, the home of many badass noisemakers should give
this tumultuous Belgian trio PINK ROOM a record deal. This ear-piercing three-piece
has enough noisy ingredients to match the label’s high volume demands. First of all
there’s frontman, bassist and diabolic loudmouth Bart Coquyt‘s voice producing the deafening sound of a supersonic starfighter on its way to crash. BLOODY HELL YEAH!

This frenzied guy’s vox freaks me out. Devilish, destructive and merciless. Compared to
this madman’s decibels level Kurt Cobain sounded like a smooth folk singer. I really can’t understand how Coquyt is able to hit the right chords on his thunderous bass as I assume his own hearing must be in critical condition after screaming himself into a coma. Anyhow to raise the racket to an even nastier degree he’s assisted by a blustering guitarist and a fresh new battering drummer. Check your speakers, folks! Here comes the mean mayhem machine with two new, hot-blooded headbutts. The nice words LOVE and FITNESS will never have the same meaning again after experiencing these earth-shaking eruptions…



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(concert pics by JL/Turn Up the Volume!)

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