KRISTIN HERSH Shares Rough Mix Of New Quaking Track ‘BREATHE IN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 June 2018

KRISTIN HERSH, singer/songwriter and ex-frontwoman of guitar pop band Throwing Muses will launch her new solo album Possible Dust Clouds on October 5. A couple of weeks ago she shared first single Lax. A turbulent cracker with a swinging swagger. And today Hersh dropped a rough mix of a second new song, titled BREATHE IN. And it’s another groovy mid-tempo rocker that sticks instantly. To be honest, I really thought on hearing the very first seconds of this new cut for the first time that it was the opening sequence of The Breeders classic single ‘Cannonball‘ with Kim Deal‘s raw, distorted vox coming on. Truly weird. But after that confusing intro, it became directly and totally clear it’s Kristin Hersch with a similar powerful panache as on ‘Lax‘. An electrical cracker performed with crude bravado. Pretty heavy, pretty cool, pretty quaking. Catch the reverberating fever right here…

KRISTIN HERSH: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(photo Kristin Hersh via PR agency Shameless Promotions PR)

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