Remarkable albums from the past…

Released: 25 June 1996
Seventh and final LP


ALL MUSIC wrote: “In many ways, Screaming Trees missed their opportunity. They released Sweet Oblivion just as grunge began to capture national attention and they
didn’t tour the album extensively, which meant nearly all of their fellow Seattle bands
became superstars while they stood to the side. After four years, they returned with Dust,
their third major-label album, and by that point, the band’s sound was too idiosyncratic
for alternative radio. Which is unfortunate, because ‘Dust’ is the band’s strongest album.
The band sound tighter than they ever have and their melodies and hooks are stronger,
more memorable, making ‘Dust’ their most consistently impressive record.”

Score: 4/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: their best effort and the bridge to the start of adventurous and terrific paths for great frontman/vox Mark Mark Lanegan.’

TOP TRACK: Halo Of Ashes…

ALBUM in full…

SCREAMING TREES: Facebook – All Albums

Photo: Dean Karr

CASTLE BLACK – New Roller Coaster Single ‘SIERRA’ By Committed Brooklyn Trio Reflects Today’s Ongoing Struggle For Life…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 June 2018



Who: “A Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Aggressive female vocals, roaring drums, canny bass and guitar-forward jams collide, staying in your head for days on end.”

Track: SIERRA – “a powerfully reflective social commentary, and stand against violence
and injustices in the world. Inspired by the daily struggles that women face in Sierra Leone, singer/vocalist Leigh Celent wrote the track as a reflection piece to stand up and speak for others who may not have a voice worldwide.”

Score: this is a slow/fast/slow/fast eruption feeling like life itself. Tumultuous,
uncontrollable and merciless. Like a non-stop roller coaster with jubilant ups and depressive downs, balancing between disillusionment, hope and joy. I guess we’ll
never know when this troubled planet will become a livable place for everyone
regardless gender, colour or religion. ‘Sierra‘ is a significant sonic reflection of
our modern struggle for life. Find out why right here, right now…

CASTLE BLACK:  Website – Facebook –  Twitter

Revenues of sales of SIERRA via Bandcamp are going to a charity called No Means No Worldwide which focuses on sexual violence intervention, awareness and empowerment of individuals. The song comes as the first single off the band’s fourth studio EP ‘The Gods That Adored You’ out this Friday, 29 June

THE KILLS – ‘Whirling Eye’ – Live On American TV 2017…

Smashing live performances of smashing knockouts

‘Whirling Eye’ by THE KILLS
The Late Late Show 2017


Razor-sharp riffs, licks & hooks and one of the coolest frontwomen ever… Alison Mosshart

[Verse 1]
Hollywood, 2AM
Questioning everything
Neon red, white and blue
Catching up with you
Got a dream? Doesn’t mean
You know what to do

You watch me like a hawk
Do you need what I got?
You find yourself alone inside
A mirror and a kiss
What you want is hard to find, and…
It’s hard to miss

Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on
Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on

[Verse 2]
76, high noon
Revving up your lead balloon
Cruisin’ on Ventura fumes
When you need more than a smile
Traffic’s rough, oh SOS
In your orbit of desire

Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on
Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on
Whirling whirling whirling whirling, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye
Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on
Get the vision, get the vision, get the vision, come on

From their 2016 album ‘ASH & ICE’ – stream here

THE KILLS: Website – Facebook – Discography

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Real Life’ – Haunting Debut LP by MAGAZINE Released 40 Years Ago…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘Real Life’ by MAGAZINE
Released: June 1978
Forty years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Like many punk bands, Magazine would likely cite David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Roxy Music. However — this point is crucial — instead of playing mindlessly sloppy variants of “Hang on to Yourself,” “Search and Destroy,” and “Virginia Plain,” the band was inspired by the much more adventurous Low, The Idiot, and “For Your Pleasure.” That is the driving force behind Real Life’s status as one of the post-punk era’s major jump-off points. Punk’s untethered energy is rigidly controlled, run through arrangements that are tightly wound, herky-jerky, unpredictable, proficiently dynamic.” Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: sounds like haunting and paranoid! Like real life!
Hair-raising and scary. Staggering record!

TWO TOP TRACKS: Shot By Both Sides / Parade



MAGAZINE: Facebook – All Albums

Manchester history

LED ZEPPELIN Recorded Their Steamrollin’ Classic ‘WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’ 49 Years Ago – Most Devilish Macho Rock Riff Ever…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


24 June 2018


With monumental classic WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, searingly rockin legends LED ZEPPELIN, hammers of the Gods, scored the most devilish rock riff ever in Turn Up The Volume‘s noisy book. Guitar hero Jimmy Page‘s massive opening chords blew me away the very first time I heard their crushing steamroller and it still does transport me to a wild state of mind when it strikes my hungry ears. The monstrous track was recorded 49 years ago today, on 24 June 1969. Here’s the nastiest, filthiest, sexiest and most devilish macho rock intro ever. Hell Zep Yeah!…

LED ZEPPELIN: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Hammering Gods

Scottish Daydreamers PELTS Launch Brand New Graceful Double A-Side Single…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

24 June 2018


PELTS is a six-headed pop collective from Scotland producing dreamy waves since 2013. They just released a double a-side single with two graceful songs. ‘WHO COULD LOVE ME NOW?’ is a touching, atmospheric ballad designed around a heartfelt female vox. And second one ANOTHER PLACE is a slow-moving harmonious groove getting more upbeat along its way, with starry-eyed duet vocals all over it. Enjoy both soulful reveries right here…

PELTS: Website –  Facebook – Twitter


10 O’ClOCK CHEMICAL – Buzzy Electro Turbo Energizes Your Senses With Booming 4-Track EP ‘FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


22 June 2018

(photo: Mark Vyse)

Open-faced and strong-willed electro 4-piece turbine 10 O’CLOCK CHEMICAL,
led by songwriter, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Rhys Oakes invaded Turn Up
The Volume’s
ears already a while ago with two blistering scores: spicy debut single
Babylon Is Fallen and follow-up killer We Are Digital. Both corkers are now part
of the band’s brand new 4-track debut EP, titled FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED.

An overall triumphant achievement with ‘It’s War’ and Dinosaur ‘(It’s Not The 80’s)  having the same exciting characteristics as the two aforementioned ones:
firmly booming , highly danceable and balls & brains lyrics.

This is what we learned from an accompanying press statement:  ‘Favours For The Wicked’ holds a mirror to the world to reveal it for the self-consuming zoo that it is. It’s a bold and bleak musical view of a planet devoured by an unforgiving consumer culture, the isolating effects of social media, aggressive surveillance, and increasing censorship. Through four fiendishly addictive songs, (an exemplary display of the irony of form echoing content), 10 O’ Clock Chemical suggest that the forces of evil are at large, and that humanity is pending a planned dehumanisation program that will inevitably lead up to the surrender of our privacy, speech and human values. One can only hope that when the beneficiaries of such a nefarious system are revealed, the social order will collapse, until then we are merely the ignorant and faceless servants of a backwards-thinking culture.”

10 O’CLOCK CHEMICAL is a band for the present and the future, for today and
tomorrow. An explosive project of an inventive and socially alert musician with
the help of an engrossing team that energizes your senses, your limbs, your heart
and soul while spitting, rightly, about important daily life issues and sneering about human injustices. A splendiferous combination. Come on, folks, get out of your lazy couch.  Time to party like it’s 1999 again…

10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL: Website – Facebook – Instagram

FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED available on iTunes

Today’s Yesterday Album – DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS With ‘Don’t Stand Me Down’…

Great longplayers from the past…

‘Don’t Stand Me Down’

Third album
15 September 1985

ALL MUSIC wrote:  “Utterly overlooked upon release, condemned and chastised by every reviewer who came within 50 yards of it, Dexys Midnight Runners third album arrived in
1985 with the band’s once-illuminated fame looking seriously battered. Track by track,
Don’t Stand Me Down unfolds to become not the ugly duckling of Dexys Midnight Runners’
hit-packed catalog, but the new dawn that could – should – have finally exorcised ‘Eileen’
and her buddies. And when it didn’t, the band broke up.”

Score: 4/5 – Full review here  

TURN UP THE VOLUME says:  Kevin Rowland was/is
one of the best white soul voices in modern music history…

TOP TRACKThis Is What She’s Like

Album in full…

DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS: : Facebook – All Albums

Stylish runners