Clamorous Grunge Trio GLOO Goes Mental On S-C-R-E-A-M Along Smack ‘PISSHEADS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 July 2018

British trio turbo GLOO launched a new track, called PISSHEADS, from their upcoming debut LP. Vocalist Tom Harfield revelead the inspiration behind the song: “I was walking home from work, and happened to catch an argument between two blokes in the middle of
the town who were shouting ‘pisshead’ at each other like no one was watching – it got the
word stuck in my head. Once out of ear shot I voice memoed the first melody that came to mind, which is the chorus you hear on this track now. It’s more of a commentary, noticing
how everyone I know seems to get f*cked up at any given opportunity. It seemed relatable.
I thought it was cool to having a track about getting pissed!”

Turn Up The Volume says: ‘Pissheads‘ is a smashing smack sounding like a dynamite grunge rework of the Beastie Boys timeless uppercut ‘Fight for Your Right (To Party)‘… and get completely wasted. It’s a clamorous sledgehammer to scream along at the top of your lungs. An amazeballs knockout. A booze injected hammer. Get a six-pack out of the fridge, oil your lungs and go totally mental right here, right now…

GLOO: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Debut LP PATHETIC YOUTH out 6 July – info here

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