TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Selection Of Five Brand New MUST-HEAR Albums…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers

1/ ‘I’m All Ears by LET’S EAT GRANDMA(Norwich, UK)
Dancey beats, poppy hooks, lively electronics, alluring melodies, smart lyrics, appealing voices and a flamboyant ‘Donnie Darko‘ trip in the end. A modern day pop triumph!

Stream here

Available on iTunes

2/ ‘Oh God Ma’am’ by SONS OF BILL (Charlottesville, VA, US)
This album feels, sounds and shines like a rainbow. Different colors, different moods,
but most of all striking songwriting that touches heart, soul and mind. Idyllic harmonies, melodic splendour and sonic romanticism. Like ‘The War On Drugs’ going Americana.

Stream here

Available on iTunes

3/ ‘Between The Funk And The Fear’ by HOLOGRAM TEEN (Los Angeles, US)
On her solo debut Stereolab‘s former member Morgane Lhote combines 90s rave dynamics with nowadays electro soundscapes and booming beats. The result is a spicy melting pot of elevating music that feels like a gratifying mind-massage. Both excitatory and dreamy.

Stream here

Available via Bandcamp

4/ ‘Heart Swell by DOTT (Ireland)
The swirling blend of rattling guitar turbulence, sharp garage hooks, banging drums, pumping bass and poppy, melodic harmonies works just perfectly. This stirring Irish
4-piece resonates like an ardent indie rock orchestra producing cutting tunefulness.

Stream here

Available on Bandcamp

5/ ‘Puppy Love’ by MOM JEANS (California, US)
A varied cocktail of jingle jangle pop, relaxing slacker moments and some amplified electricity in between. Both wayward and melodic, cranky and sticky, unorthodox and
magnetic, counter-current and enthralling. New discoveries with every single spin. Bingo!

Stream here

Also available via iTunes

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