Belgian Electro Trash Clash Punk Duo ‘ONMENS’ Twists All Of Your Senses…

ONMENS – De Kolonie, Ghent, Belgium – 12 July 2018

ONMENS (‘Not-Human’ in English) is a diabolical Belgian two-motor generator “forged in the filth on the floor after the collapse of Belgium’s rave-generation. They set out to violently beat the party back into electronic music. With influences varying from techno over Hardcore
to noise and punk, the duo pushes buttons with their deliberately left-field sound.”

Live OMENS turns into a devilish organism that blows all of your senses from start
to finish as they proved once again last Thursday when crushing my hometown, Ghent. From the moment this exorcistic two-piece takes the stage reality becomes a thrashy hallucination. Singer Sigfried Burroughs spits, sneers, screams, shouts, steams, shakes, spins and moves like a savage serpent, like a raw power Iggy Pop, on tons of speed while hitting keys on his pc, now and then, to punk the whole shebang up to a sort of volcanic electro bewilderment. On his right guitarist Kasper Van Esbroeck produces otherworldly, deranged psych-o-delic riffs like if he is a modern-day Jimi Hendrix. Demonic, filthy, razor-sharp and totally mind-twisting. I’m sure you get my ecstatic drift and heavy appetite for this remarkable band by now. Indeed, folks, Onmens is an impressive garbage noise beast. One of the most fascinating acts around. Here’s an idea of what we got two days ago, here’s what their mental live shit is all about…

(thanks to Wouter De Sutter for this cool footage)

Some visual shots

Trash triumph

Purple haze

Create your own trance at home with their
new, excellent DOOPGROND album…

ONMENS: Facebook

Raw power

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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