Fresh Sensual Duo ‘PRISTINE BABE’ Will Seduce You With Sweet Sugar Debut Single ‘MOONLIGHT’…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

15 July 2018

Originally from Italy, PRISTINE BABE consider themselves “European millennials trying
to find their own way, using their magic to turn their everyday life into retro-sounding pop bangers.”
The pair just released their debut single MOONLIGHT. Singer Penelope says
the song “is about being a girl, dealing with love, goodbyes and mood swings. Laughing and crying under the moonlight. Reality is entirely dictated by my dreams and fantasies, which
keep me alive and bring colour to my world.”

Pristine Babe‘s debut is a sugar-sweet ballad with all the sparkling ingredients that
made 60s pop romanticism loved around the globe back then and still today. Heartfelt emotions wrapped in lovey-dovey orchestrations, hum along melodies and amorous candlelight tunes. And just like those sixties stars this duo looks cool and sounds cool because they were born cool. Ladies and gents here’s the 21st Century’s Nancy Sinatra
and Lee Hazlewood
. Capture the sensual vibe right here…

PRISTINE BABE: Instagram / Label: Axis Mundi Records

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