UNITED GHOSTS Share Second Starry-Eyed Single From New Album – Here’s ‘RIDE BABY RIDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 August 2018

Band: UNITED GHOSTS (Silverlake, CA, US)

Who: thrilling daydreamer’s duo – Sha Sabi and Axel Ray – out of L.A. injecting
their trademark blend of shoegaze and psychedelia with pulsing electronica…

Track: RIDE BABY RIDE – 2nd single from their new, forthcoming LP

Score: the key groove of ‘Ride Baby Ride‘ reminds me of the mellow moments of electro pioneers Suicide. Bewitching, starry-eyed and seductive. Its dreamy pattern creates a spacey and otherworldly sentiment that makes you close your eyes and drift away.
A sonic mind massage. A carefree outing. Catch the moony trip right here…

UNITED GHOSTS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

New longplayer SATURN DAYS out August 24 via Cleopatra Records – more info here

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