Psychedelic Extravaganza With DOROTHY VALLENS And MORNINGFACE On New Album ‘THE MFDV’…

Brand new sonic impulses

4 August 2018

Spiritual Portland daydreamer Kate Hummel aka MORNINGFACE and DOROTHY VALLENS, British band led by London psych addict Joe Rosam, joined hands, spirits, visions and songs for brand new longplayer THE MFDV. Two astonishing jams are the kaleidoscopic result of their combined forces, two hallucinatory trips are conceived in the experimental minds of Dorothy Vallens and five blue-sky meditations are designed by Morningface (one featuring Black Sand and one featuring League Of Sonic Discovery)

It all starts with an intoxicating, 25-minute (yes, twenty-five) Velvet Underground cruise by
Dorothy Vallens. An extended psych experience that will impress your auditory universe. The following two tracks are the joint ones. Two riveting performances bringing legendary noise wizards Spacemen 3 back to live. Afterward Morningface starts her mesmeric journey with the multi-layered distortion of the brilliantly titled ‘Sharpening Knives In Heaven’ and continues with her acoustically colored musings. Her intrinsically heartfelt reflections fit this LP’s full sonic picture perfectly. Dorothy Vallens closes the roller coaster extravaganza
with a wayward groove, notable for its Ray Manzarek like keyboard play. All striking stuff!

Open your ears, mind and soul for this
psychedelic extravaganza and drift away…

MORNINGFACE: Facebook – Bandcamp
DOROTHY VALLENS: Facebook – Bandcamp

Partners in mind-boggling crime: Kate Hummel and Joe Rosam

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