CLOUD NOTHINGS Share First Single From Upcoming Fifth Album – Here’s… ‘THE ECHO OF THE WORLD’

Brand new sonic impulses

13 August 2018

Cleveland‘s noise junks CLOUD NOTHINGS are quite productive. After the release of
4th longplayer ‘Life Without Sound’ early last year, the electrically charged-up quartet
is already geared up to unleash their fifth LP, entitled LAST BUILDING BURNING next October. Ahead of its launch here’s single THE ECHO OF THE WORLD. The band seems
to have returned to their big guns. This new track is a paranoid slam dunk that grows
in devilish intensity along its rowdy way. It’s LOUD! It’s CLAMOROUS! It’s DEMONIC!
It’s DEAFENING! Release the bats right here, folks…

CLOUD NOTHINGS: Website – Facebook

LAST BUILDING BURNING out 19 October – info pre-order facilities here.

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