Pop Synth Duo SMALL MILLION Impresses With Moony Pearl ‘YOUNG FOOLS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 August 2018


Who: Ryan Linder + Malachi Graham forming “a fervent Portland-based synth pop duo writing richly textured songs with impassioned lyrics and dark melodic hooks.” They released their debut EP ‘Before The Fall’ in 2016.

Track: YOUNG FOOLS – the title track from new, upcoming EP. According to Graham the song is about the evolving nature of friendships. “I’m nostalgic for those days when time felt endless, and for the depth and quality of relationships that emerge from boredom, and how hard it is to maintain those relationships as a overcommitted adult.” she explains.

Score: Young Fools has a magical, yet gloomy tone with singer Malachi Graham‘s gracious and alluring vox turning the sensitive melody into a moony reverie. Linder‘s poetic guitar lines and overall delicately arranged instrumentation paints the whole sonic picture just beautifully. Capture the starry-eyed little pearl right here, you won’t be bored at all…

That night when all the lights when out in our place
We strung a cord from our friends next door to play the stereo
So we could dance in the dark

Blackout blackout
Young fools

Why aren’t we bored anymore?
Why aren’t we bored anymore?

Punch-drunk, too awake to sleep. 4 a.m.
out on the porch the bottle kept us warm
we passed a cigarette so we could
dance in the light
all night, all night

Young fools

We couldn’t stop laughing, my head in your lap
When you braided my hair too tight and I snapped
I swore I’d keep in touch
how we swore we’d keep in touch

Young fools
Why aren’t we bored anymore?

SMALL MILLION: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

You can stream YOUNG FOOLS also on Spotify and the track is available via Bandcamp

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