MODERATE REBELS Move From Groove To Mantra And Back On New Track ‘I LOVE TODAY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 August 2018

Last December London’s variable collective MODERATE REBELS released their lo-fi pop debut album The Sound Of Security. Intriguing record on which this self-proclaimed Anti-Music Collective created a grey, yet sticky soundtrack for our troubled reality. Early July they returned to the scene with new track Beyond Hidden Words. A hypnotizing stroke, feeling like a continuation of their experimental search into the sticky simplicity of repetitive psych grooves à la the early Velvet Undergound.

We were quite surprised when hearing the second cut from the new, upcoming longplayer. I LOVE TODAY comes close to a traditional song structure. It has some
verses, choruses and even a middle eight section. Although Moderate Rebels claim
they still don’t know if this song is optimistic or not” this new one has a mantra-like,
positive sing-along energy. I agree, it’s a sort of song, but it’s its magnetic groove
that activates your bloodstream, makes your feet tap and your head shake. From
groove to mantra and back with the same body/mind-moving effect. Perfect!

Hear and feel the heartbeat right here…

out 30th November via
Everyday Life Recordings

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