Belgian Art Noise Rockers DIANE GRACE Launch First Track/Video ‘WEDDING’ From Debut EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 September 2018

So far Belgian art-noise rockers DIANE GRACE, named after a once-upon-a-time silent movie actress, made an impact on the indie scene with their exorcistic and eccentric live performances trying to visualise a sort of David Lynch nightmares in a theatrical freestyle way while producing a ragged primal punk racket. Frontman Mauro B. is the man in the middle, someone who obviously wants to explore the dark side of his own imagination, who wants to discover what’s behind the closed doors of boring daily-life perception. Today the wayward trio takes their next step with releasing the first track/clip of their debut EP. WEDDING is a raging 90-seconds attack that explodes instantly in your pretty face. A clamorous, orgasmic discharge that ends as suddenly as it started. Watch the accompanying, modern-day Rocky Horror Picture Show clip right here…


WEDDING is the first punch from 3-track debut EP ‘PAN!C’ – all info here

(photo on top: Turn Up The Volume!)

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