39TH & THE NORTONS – Back To The Future With New Single ‘ORCHID FLOWER’…

7 September 2018


Who: A five-headed strong psych-folk combo born out of a solo bedroom project
with members out of different other bands, based in Paris, France

Track: ORCHID FLOWER – first single from new upcoming,
third, album via Croque Macadam

Score: I’m sure these French rockers have a fantastic swinging sixties record collection.
On Orchid Flower you’ll hear awe-inspiring echoes from the most influential decade in pop history. From early Stones to The Pretty Things and American harmonies legends The Byrds. 39TH & THE NORTONS travel passionately to the flamboyant past in order to return to the future with vintage, Hammond organ colored, nostalgia. Check their sultry beat out here…

39TH & THE NORTONS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

New album MOURNING WALTZ out 21th September – all info here

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