THE OSCILLATION Shares First Splendidly Hypnotic Pysch Stomper From New Album – Here’s ‘DROP’…

Brand new sonic impulses

10 September 2018

London‘s based Demian Castellano‘s space rock project THE OSCILLATION
releases its sixth album, entitled, WASTED SPACE on 21 September.

Record label Fuzz Records says about the new longplayer: “Following a recalibration and consolidation with their recent electronics-inflected album, 2018’s U.E.F., The Oscillation is back with their sixth and most ambitious album to date, Wasted Space. A meditation on the nature of existence in the face of what can be insurmountable odds, Wasted Space finds The Oscillation painting from the darker shades of the kaleidoscopic scale.”

Ahead of its release here’s splendid taster DROP. An extended, psychoactive instrumental jam that thunders and throbs unstoppably. A staggering sonic escapade that will infiltrate your bloodstream without permission and will activate your limbs in mysterious ways. Highly stimulating fuel for your eager mind. Go transcendental right here…


Check Bandcamp for more info and pre-order facilities

(photo on top: FB – The Oscillation)

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