Electro Pop Dynamo TWIST HELIX Scores With Feverish New Single ‘GRAPHITE’…

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10 September 2018

TWIST HELIX is a passionate British electro alt-pop trio out of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Their new single GRAPHITE is “a song about frustration and articulates a fear that
many artists have that their own work is derivative. The song imagines an artist
failing to give an original interpretation of the city’s landscape.”

Graphite is a wholehearted passion injected synths power stroke. Ardent, blazing and totally infectious. An anxious crackerjack strongly intensified by frontwoman Bea Garcia‘s vox – from vigorous to reflective and back – that will draw your attention forthwith. Her cutting potency is just amazing. Capture the jumpy avidity right here…

Bridges shown with setting sun,
no thoughts come, it’s been done.

Pencil, bite, tooth to graphite,
can’t write tonight, run dry.
No thoughts excite, reach valley height,
leave behind the quayside.
Give me vodka, give me wine,
give me one more good time.
New tempo, go to a show, go to where the water flows

GRAPHITE is available via Bandcamp and iTunes

TWIST HELIX: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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