Only 16 And VAEDA BLACK Impresses With Darksome Ballad ‘SUICIDE LOVE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Who: 16-year old singer/songwriter from New York, who is in her senior year of HS.
She’s blessed with a great voice and some fabulous artistic and musical talent.

Track: SUICIDE LOVE – second single

Score: You can easily tell that this teenage artist – only sweet 16 – has a bright future ahead of her after hearing her second single following her splendid Face Down debut.
On darksome ballad SUICIDE LOVE she demonstrates the high-potential of her genuine songwriting skills again and she will give you goosebumps with her heart & soul touching vox. Listen closely and you’ll experience early Kate Bush echoes and the piano play is just beautiful. If I didn’t know better I should say that it’s Sir Paul McCartney who handles the ebony and ivory instrument right here producing that classical tone the legend developed throughout his years with that historic Liverpool combo. But it’s Black‘s – although herself
a piano woman – musical band director, James Sajeva, who played a historic grand piano at NYC’s Spin Recording Studio for this recording. Time to have a listen and find out why Vaeda Black is special and why this song is special. Capture the delicate and affective sentiments right here…

VAEDA BLACK: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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