Berlin Quartet JANIS Bewitches With Reflective Debut Single ‘A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

8 November 2018

From Berlin here’s, out of the blue, moony dream pop quartet called JANIS. They just released their debut single ‘A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS‘. A reflective, intimate musing
about trying to hold on onto life in times when it seems to slip away. Its delicate mood,
its melodic serenity and its vocal magnificence will make you silent and wonder. Take a moment and lose your thoughts right here…

I´ve found out that shaving my head
Is better than cutting my wrist
Than trying to understand
The mess in which I now exist
I´ve found out that being awake
Is almost the same as asleep
I wonder how long it will take
To sink into the deep

Why is it that I’m bound to fail?
To break everything that I touch?
Why are all the colors so pale?
And every word hurts so much?
Is there anybody out there
Who feels the same way I do?
I there anybody who cares?
I need you

A light in the darkness
I´ll see that I am not alone
Somebody will put their hand into mine
I hope that I still won´t be gone

JANIS: Facebook

(photo on top: FB Janis)

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