Lustful Turbo TOKYO TABOO Returns With Fierce Slam – Here’s… ‘NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

London‘s rip-roaring force TOKYO TABOO is back with a big fierce bang! After their explosive debut album  6th Street Psychosis, the gloriously kooky duo are about to
unleash their, Los Angeles recorded, follow-up longplayer. Ahead of its launch here’s
brand new scorching single NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN.

A cooking mid-tempo banger ‘about the animal attraction you feel for someone even when you know they will only cause you pain.’ This new flaming killer stroke moves like a vicious serpent ready to jump you any given moment. Its ongoing head-splitting beat hammers from start to finish. Ophidian frontwoman Dolly Daggerz’s vox resonates both horny and hungry, like an insatiable coyote looking for its daily prey and electrical sidekick Mickey Danger creates doomed Black Sabbath-like riffs that’ll give you a hairsplitting electric chair experience. Get their booming drift, all you drooling freaks out there? Feel the burning pain right here…

TOKYO TABOO: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN out 30 November – get it here

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