Irish Turbine FONTAINES D.C. Going ‘TOO REAL’ On New Rollercoaster Single…

Brand new sonic impulses

(photo: Deborah Sheedy)

Kick-ass punk rock is still alive and hitting fiercely again. Next to English forces Idles and Shame Irish candid-sharp rockers FONTAINES D.C. are coming up very strong with their sagacious observations, their sonic blitz and fevered anthems. After seeing them live a couple of months ago (review here). I’m totally hooked. Following an already remarkable series of biting and knockout singles here’s another new one, called TOO REAL. A febrile rollercoaster jam with frontman Grian Chatten asking urgently on repeat “Is it too real for ya?“. Another shaking cut! Check the blazing whirlwind and intriguing video clip right here…

TOO REAL out now – stream/buy here

FONTAINES D.C. Facebook –Twitter –  NME interview

(photo on top: TUTV!)

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