SHAME Shake Up Freezing Brussels With Scream Along Songs Of Praise…

SHAME – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 13 December 2018

It was freezing cold in the heart of Brussels last Thursday, but South London‘s blazing noisemakers SHAME, along with Bristol‘s fury Idles and Irish turbine Fontaines D.C.
part of a new punk generation that hits big time, provided enough red-hot fuel to keep
the pogoing spectators fired-up from the mighty explosive Dust On Trail & Concrete start onwards. Led by sneering and spitting frontman Charlie Steen, who had his first crowd
surf halfway the second song, the band rushed through their one-hour shake-up set like
a crushing steamroller on speed, despite the fact that this gig was their 162nd of 2018.

Their smashing songs of praise (except for three new ones) were screamed out loud, word by word by the pumped up fans. Tons of energy, tons of confidence, tons of anthems, tons of riffs and rage is what this Brixton gang is all about and they’ve only started. Hell bloody hell yeah! Here’s a smoking idea of Shame‘s manic live presence…

Some snapshots of the Brussels‘ show..

Big one

Riff machine

“I’m off”

“I’m back”

Giving it allllllll

Here’s ace debut LP

SHAME: Website – Facebook

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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