New York’s RICH GIRLS’ Brand New Single Feels Like An Adrenalin Shot – Here’s ‘BETTER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

New York’s duo RICH GIRLS scored one of last year’s favorite Turn Up The Volume‘s albums. Their debut LP BLACK CITY radiates every emotion you need to get you through the night. Passion and vibrancy, but also pensiveness and a portion of gloominess with a comforting effect, but most of all it’s a record with a series of intoxicating tunes for heart and soul. And the stream of creativity isn’t over yet. The band just released a brand new single

BETTER starts with a flirtatious and playful guitar intro, quickly followed by frontwoman Luisa Black‘s wonderful late night voice but when the drums kick in it’s full force forward, getting better and better. The sparkling melody and rapturous vocals grow fuller in sound, harmony and ecstasy while the glorious, repetitive guitar riff develops an early New Order like resonance here and there. Its overall overwhelming impact becomes almost orgasmic, but before you even realize it, it’s over. Like an ephemeral, but punchy shot of adrenalin.

Experience the stimulating drive right here…

Bend the light
You’re dead
Holding / holding up

Late July
You’re still alive
Holding / holding up

Jesus Christ
You’re late tonight
Oceans / oceans up
Oceans / oceans up, baby

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