Toronto’s ZINNIA Stirs With Heartfelt Musing ‘LUPINS’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

10 February 2019

(Photo by Morgane Milesi / Design by Jon Cardiello)


Who: A Toronto-based art-pop project of Rachael Cardiello producing “velvety, 80s-inspired layered synth and driving beats and bringing an explosive range to Cardiello’s writing, equal parts intimate and fierce”.

Track: LUPINS – “A tribute to the search for softness and compassion in the face of struggle. Pulled from the wreckage of realizing not all pain can be healed. With vulnerability comes a deep fragility.”

Score: ‘Lupins‘ is a heartfelt and stirring musing. The bewitching combination of glistening synths, poetic guitars, romantic orchestration and Cardiello‘s gripping and delicate voice is so dreamlike and relieving. A sensibility that makes me think of the emotive atmospherics of Mazzy Starr and The Sundays. Capture the vulnerable mood right here…

ZINNIA: Facebook

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