JOSEPHINE WIGGS (The Breeders) Surprises With Solo Piano Track ‘TIME DOES NOT BRING RELIEF’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

JOSEPHINE WIGGS is a founding member of cannonball rockers The Breeders. She was born 56 years ago and raised in England where she played with the Velvets-inspired art rock band The Perfect Disaster. Over the years, she has also collaborated with drummer Jon Mattock (from Spacemen3/Spiritualized). With Vivian Trimble, formerly of Luscious Jackson, she released an homage album to classic film soundtracks and collaborated
on other, various projects with different musicians aswell.

Wiggs will release her almost entirely instrumental album WE FALL in May. The record “could be the soundtrack to what can’t be captured in a single photo—the growth and decay
of miraculous creatures that a less astute and sensitive eye might overlook entirely.”

Here’s the first track ‘TIME DOES NOT BRING RELIEF‘. An intimate, tender and cinematic
piano piece that will make your thoughts drift away. Capture the pensive mood here…


Album WE FALL out 17 May – All info and pre-order facilities here

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