Saturday Nightmare Fever With MADONNATRON’s New Single ‘GOODNIGHT LITTLE EMPIRE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

2 April 2019

London‘s voodoo inspired rockers MADONNATRON announced their second full-length, entitled ‘MUSICA ALLA PUTTANESCA’ last February. Musica what? Well, if my research is right it should mean something like this: “Music prostitutes listen to when making a tomato sauce called ‘puttanesca’, which can be cooked quickly, between clients’ visits.” If this is wrong, then I guess the new LP’s title means something else. Man oh man, life can be so simple.

Whatever, after sharing the first spooky single Sucker Punch some weeks ago here’s another new one called GOODNIGHT LITTLE EMPIRE. ‘Apocalyptic gloom for the discerning disco goer!’ says the band. Oh yes, this vibey humdinger resonates actually like the perfect soundtrack to dance to on Great-Britain‘s funeral, the day Brexit is a reality. It’s a seducingly sensual, satiric and salacious score with a sexy sax. Here’s your Saturday Nightmare Fever with Madonnatron…


MUSICA ALLA PUTTANESCA – new album out 24th May – pre-order facilities here

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