Fresh Brighton Unit HOLY MAGICK Bewitches With Trancy Psych Groove ‘EVEN THOUGH’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 April 2019


Who: New project started by producer Dom Keen (Dark Horses/Death In Vegas)
and Siobhan Lynch (ex Interscope artist/collaborator on Alan Wilder’s Recoil)

Track: EVEN THOUGH – new single from upcoming debut album

Score: This is one of those mesmerizing trance-like grooves that sticks instantly, that infiltrates your inner hi-fi audio system before you’re aware of it and that intoxicates
your state of mind the way you really want it. ‘Even Tough‘s seductive and magnetizing melody is simply irresistible and the sensual vocals that glide all over it reinforce the
whole psychedelic experience. I wouldn’t have minded one bit if this enthralling electro earworm would have lasted for twice as long at least. Here’s why…

HOLY MAGICK: Facebook – Lost Room Records

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