Kamikaze Punk Bolide AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Bombed ANTWERP Last Night…

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium – 11 June 2019

A non-stop volcanic rawk & roll bolide from down under, led by the charismatic and the stormy frontwoman Amyl Taylor. An uproarious Melbourne based punk turbine everybody is talking about right now. Imagine a lethal cocktail of The Runaways (Joan Jett‘s teenage band) and metallic fury Plasmatics (with the legendary Wendy O. Williams) fueled by an eruptive Motörhead drive. Final result: hot-tempered, neurotic and fiery pandemonium!

The band released their self-titled firework debut album last May. A boiling record filled with 70s influenced blitzkrieg jackhammers that drive you totally out-of-your-mind and want you to smash your head against the wall. Check the insane heat out right here…

Yesterday the Aussie tornado invaded Antwerp, Belgium. Holy shit! What a gash gash gash!
Stage beast Amyl was all over the place, on and off the podium, while screaming, sneering and spitting at the top of her lungs assisted by an ecstatic mosh pit crowd that shouted the whole setlist along word by word. Kamikaze rock ‘n’ roll at its very best. SWEATY! FERVENT! LOUDMOUTHED! MAD! RED-HOT! RABID! RAZOR-SHARP! Terrifically breathtaking speedy tumult that does your hungry head in the way you really love it. Here’s a whirling idea of this gang’s dynamite craziness. Go and see them if you can…


Hello Antwerp

Pure dynamite

Bang it up

Let it fly

Hell yeah

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Facebook – Website – Big NME Interview

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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